Hey everyone. That girl above - that's me! Make-up free, confident, glowing from the inside out. 

After suffering with blemishes that I always thought were hormonal (well out of my teenage years!), redness, and dark circles I was honestly beginning to think that glowing, radiant, clear skin was just never going to be on the agenda for me.

Yep. I admitted SKIN DEFEAT. :(

I have always had oily, blemish-prone skin. I would try the latest "clarifying" treatment that was on the market, it would work for maybe a few days, and then it just seemed like my skin just got used to it, and the spots would come back!
My next mission was to go the mile and get a monthly facial. I thought to myself, well, that's what all the celebs do right?! After digging myself into a financial ditch spending most of what I had left every month on facials, I knew that wasn't a sustainable option for me.

I would Google every day, "how to get clear skin" and was so tired of seeing the same waffly results. Have a good diet, get a good night's sleep, oh and wash your face every day! Uh...DUH! I was doing all of this for years and nothing ever had an impact. The food I ate, how much water I forced myself to consume, the list goes on.

When I came across this skincare system and saw other people's results, I thought the same thing as l usually do. Uh, it looks great. But it probably won't work for me.
At the time of discovering this skincare system, my baby girl was 5 months old. I was going to bed late, getting up early, not keeping on top of my diet; I looked in the mirror one day and realised I had no confidence left. Being body conscious 5 months post-partum was one thing. But I was FACE-CONSCIOUS. I just knew I needed to get my mojo back.
Having been nothing more than just satisfied with my old skincare routine, I wasn't really bothered with trying a new one.

Until I discovered 

After researching the ingredients in this Skincare kit, I was blown away by what I found. Why isn't this a global phenomenon?! I had heard a lot of media hype around CBD for the body; curing aches, pains, anxiety, you name it. But I had never considered the benefits it could have on skin.
It isn't just Skincare...it's Skin HEALTH.

CRYSTAL Cleanser

Melts away impurities, oil and free radicals caused by pollution

Gel Peel

Fruit enzymes eat away at dead skin cells revealing glow and radiance


Enriched with CBD and Vitamin E, skin is quenched and plumped (even eczema and psoriasis-prone skin)


Marine collagen plumps the eye area and reduces dark circles and the appearance of fine lines

  • GENTLE on the most sensitive skin, even eczema and psoriasis
  • PARABEN free (the chemicals used to prolong shelf-life)
  • GMO free (the pesticides used on the plants in plant-based products)

It is also cruelty free, which goes without saying, is incredibly important!

Now check out my results...

Hey, I'm not perfect like the airbrushed faces you see on TV. But that's exactly the point. I'm a real person, who suffered with real skin concerns, and these are real results!
So now I'm spreading skincare's best kept secret, and sharing it with YOU.


I of all people know the importance of investing your hard-earned money in the right skincare. How many times have you believed the hype and delved in...only to find you were disappointed with the results?

I'm giving you the opportunity to try one product from our Skincare Kit completely 


All you have to do is cover the shipping.

*Please note this is for UK only. For my buddies overseas, please see the incredible Skin Health Kit offer 
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